​Frequently Asked Questions

What is a Land Surveyor? 

Why are Land Surveyor’s licensed?

Acquiring a property is one of the biggest investment most people will make in their lifetime. When an individual purchase a property, he or she is granted some rights through a deed that transfers the property to the buyer. A reliable land surveyor must be certified by the state. However, every country has unique laws that regulate this profession. So, a land surveyor is required to comply with these regulation, rules, codes, and standards when offering his or her services. Note that these laws have been established by the local government to protect the public, and they must be followed.

When to do property surveying and its importance

There is no specific time to do a property surveying since this will be different for each individual based on the current situation. Most local government will need you to survey a start the new construction. This will allow them to authenticate whether the development meets the set regulations and local zoning codes. In other scenarios, someone might need to divide his or property and sell the part for a profit. Another scenario is when a title company or mortgage needs a survey before lending or insuring a property. Another situation where a survey might be important is when there is a conflict of the use of property among individuals. A survey is essential in all these cases as it plays a role in protecting the person’s rights to their property and also protecting their greatest investment. We've interacted with thousands of property owners who wished they surveyed before buying the property.

What is the cost of a survey?

The majority of surveys tend to be straight forward whereby most land surveyors will calculate their fees depending on an hourly rate schedule. An effective land survey process entails researching the property records, recovery of existing property evidence, drafting, office calculation, and survey measurement. The most overwhelming takes are estimating the time it will take to research the property documents and recover existing property evidence.