Company Profile

Geo-Acre Survey is a well-known firm that specializes in offering surveying services in Kenya. The company was established in 1998 by Joseph Gitari. We boost in providing personalized service to our clients using innovative equipment and highly skilled personal. We serve a wide range of clientele such as developers, private individuals, lenders, utility firms, law companies, title firms, engineering companies, federal agencies, and municipalities. 

A survey can be defined as a snapshot in the history of a specific location. Bear in mind that property changes with time just like people do. Roads get constructed, buildings are developed, water and wind erode the land, bury fences, and proof of land boundaries start to change or disappear.

Land surveying is a profession that has advanced over the last decades due to the advancement of technology. They include the introduction of computer-aided drafting, geographic information system, global positioning, digital scanning tools, and robotic instrumentation.

Even though these technological advancements have changed how we make measurements and made the process easy, the basic aspects of land surveying are still the same. The idea of real estate property ownership, title, and geographical location are still available in all projects.

At Geo-Acre Surveys, we love our profession and every project we handle. Whether it is a residential property survey or complete-blown design project, we will follow the footprints of our preceding land surveyors as we keep an eye towards the future.

​Our History

Joseph Gitari is the founder of Geo-Acre Surveys who serves as the president of the company. It is the small things about Geo-Acre Surveys that makes us stand out. Experience has helped us know that every project needs a unique consideration and coordination with the customer. This helps us achieve a solution that is economically and adequately implemented. The value of the engineered solution that can impact the safety, health, comfort, cost, and welfare to the customer and public depends on the abilities of the engineer and the effort channeled into designing, inspecting and analyzing.

We are ready to show you what we offer at Geo-Acre Surveys and the engineering services that make them valuable assets.